A smarter choice for your business and for individuals

You can increase sales and be protected from chargebacks, both at the same time.
You can sell your product and receive payments direct into your digital wallet.

  • Want to allow your customers to buy with crypto coins like bitcoin?
  • Want to make sure you will get the money after you provide your goods?
  • Want to sell some expensive private art?

is the solution for you.

  • If you sell expensive products like diamonds, works of art, boats, cars, real estate and more.
  • If you sell virtual products like courses, domains and more
  • And even if you sell cheap or med products from electronics, accessories and more.
  • You want to feel safe while you transfer or send what you are selling and make sure you will get the money.

is the solution for you.

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How does ESCRYPTO works?

The buyer makes a payment to a Multisig address provided by the system.
You ships the merchandise to the buyer only after the payment is secured on the blockchain.
The buyer accepts or rejects the goods within the agreed timeframe.
If there is mutual consent and approval between the buyer and the seller, the transaction will be approved without the intervention of the trust agent, ESCRYPTO.

However, in case the parties do not agree and a dispute arises, the mediator will investigate the details of the transaction, make an informed and objective decision and deal with the fairness of the transaction.
Based on the decision, the trust agent will activate its private key in conjunction with one of the parties, and either refund the payment to the buyer or release it to the seller.

This protects the two parties of the transaction and ensures that the transaction is conducted fairly and honestly.

Even more, ESCRYPTO doesn't have access to private keys and doesn't hold the money.
The money will be transferred to the buyer or seller, and by no means to ESCRYPTO, so there is no risk that the trust agent will "run away" with the money.

With ESCRYPTO, you don't have to have complete trust in just one person anymore.
such as the trustee of a regular escrow arrangement trusted to not steal the funds or the buyer to not make any chargeback.
The ESCRYPTO payment system ensures that whether you are a buyer or a seller, you are protected throughout the entire process, even in case of a dispute. ESCRYPTO is just what you need to be protected and to run a safe and fair transaction over the internet.

Better for you and your customer.

  • You will send the goods only after the full payment is secured on the blockchain.
  • Eliminate chargeback and fraud risk.
  • You will not be required to disclose sensitive financial information.
  • Additional payment method for the convenience of your customers and for increasing sales.
  • A professional and binding arbitration process.

How much does it cost?

For sellers, there is a standard transaction fee of 0.89% per transaction.

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